Our Recycling Station is a drop off point for your hard to recycle items. We're diverting waste away from the incinerator and raising money for charity

Recycling for charity

The collected waste from many of the streams is packed up by volunteers and sent off to be broken down into plastic pellets and made into things like playground equipment, in return the charity of choice receives a donation.

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How it works

Our charities

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What can be recycled?

We accept the following types of packaging for recycling. Items must be empty, shaken out and flattened. Only milk bottle tops need to be washed. All waste must be completely dry and separated.

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Kent Air Ambulance

The following packaging raise money for Kent Air Ambulance.


Any brand of plastic wrappers from biscuits, cakes and crackers, including mini cheddars.


All brands of plastic confectionery wrapping – except individual Quality Street wrappers as these are biodegradable and cannot be recycled. Please place individual sweet wrappers back into the outer packet.


All brands of flexible dishwasher and laundry tablet packets, dishwasher salt packets, household wipes and refills (no baby wipe packets). Lenor tumble drier sheets.


Cheese wrappers, cleaned.

Pringles tubes

Pringles tubes (no lids) - squashed flat, no other brands.


Crisp packets and multipack wrappers, popcorn, nuts and pretzel packets, emptied and put inside each other, keeping them separate from other streams.


Bread bags (any bread product).


Toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes, toothbrush heads and plastic toothbrush packaging (please keep separate in a bread bag for instance to avoid unnecessary unhygienic handling).

All brands of handwash pumps and refill pouches This scheme ends on 18 September 2023. Please drop off all your recycling to us by this date.


Pathfinder Dogs

The following items raise money for Pathfinder Dogs.


Plastic milk bottle tops (no other lids).


Used postage stamps (please leave approx. 1 cm border)

against breast cancer logo

Against breast cancer

The following items raise money for Against breast cancer.


Bras, any condition


Mind in Bexley

The following items raise money for Mind in Bexley.


Printer cartridges.


Empty medicinal blister packets, plastic pill bottles, plastic vitamin bottles and calpol syringes.

Blister packs are tricky to recycle because they are made of aluminium and plastic strongly glued together. Very specialised equipment is needed to do this and there are a handful of companies, such as Terracycle and Refactory, who have access to this. We have experienced a high demand for this type of recycling so have paid for more than 5 postage paid collection boxes since 2020 from Refactory to enable us to offer the service. We now invite our supporters to make a donation towards our next box to enable us to continue recycling blister packs. Please go to our Localgiving page at if you would like to support this. Thank you for helping us keep plastic waste out of the incinerator.

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