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Wasteless Market is a climate-positive company with a purpose-driven message. We’re on a mission to reduce waste, fight climate change and bring you ethical, natural and sustainable products through our product sales and recycling service.


Hi I’m Teresa,  

I started my journey to find more natural products than were offered on the supermarket shelves after losing my sister Paula to breast cancer. She was only 36 years old when she started having breast pain, and after visiting her GP, who found no lumps, she was reassured that it was her hormones and that was that. She didn’t seek a second opinion and by the time she had other symptoms, it was too late and she was given a terminal diagnosis, thankfully Paula had a further 4 years.

I became very conscious of the chemical laden products I was using on my family and decided to change to products with fewer ingredients. This led me to items that were free from single-use plastic and often handmade, where the sellers were hugely passionate and committed to reversing climate change. It was a struggle to find these products in one place and so I brought the Wasteless Market to life as a zero waste popup in Bexley,  Kent.

We hope that you will join us on the journey of creating a better environment and future for families and communities in and around the Bexley borough.


I was overjoyed to make the finals of our local Bexley Business Awards in association with Ocado for the category of Entrepreneur of the year 2020 and a small business 100 winner for 2021 and we cannot wait to see what the future holds.          


Hi we’re Lis and Martin,

we have recycled all our lives, starting with re-using Christmas and birthday wrapping paper as children. We are both passionate about doing everything we can to work with others to be planet friendly in everything we do. We were excited to join with Teresa at her first Wasteless Market running the recycling station, and since then we’ve started doing the Refills and Essentials at pop-up stalls and markets around Bexley and surrounding boroughs.

We're fighting climate change together

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By shopping with us or visiting one of our events, we’re furthering our pledge to fight climate change.  By partnering with Ecologi, we’re able to make an even bigger global impact.