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Adding Shipping Methods

Please Note: If you need help with your shipping rates, please feel free to contact us via the 'Contact Admin' button from your vendor dashboard or email us at [email protected] 

We can add your shipping rates for you or walk you through the process, we are more than happy to help in any way we can to help get you up and running.

A shipping method is a set of rules and parameters to calculate the cost of shipping orders to buyers depending on:

  • Shipping address
  • Order total
  • The weight of the items in the order
  • The number of items in the order
  • Settings of specific products

A Customer will be offered the shipping methods most appropriate for their order, that a Vendor has added to their store. To add your shipping methods, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Administration → Shipping & taxes → Shipping methods.

  2. Click the Plus (+) button on the upper right part of the page to add a new shipping method.
  3. Fill in the details:

    - Name: The name of the shipping method as it will appear on the storefront.

    - Description: A short description as it will appear on the storefront. Keep it blank if you don't want to show a description.

    - Rate calculation: There are 2 ways in which the shipping cost can be calculated:

         1) Manual: Here, the calculation is based on the tables with charges and rates. You can define those rates in the Shipping time and rates tab on the shipping method editing page.
         2) Real Time: Here, the calculation is based on the rates that your store receives from a third-party service. The rates are received in real time at the moment when the order is being placed.

Note: By default "By Customer Address" (manual mode) will be selected.

- Delivery time: This information will be displayed next to the name of the shipping method. Here you can mention within how many days you will deliver the item. (Example: 3 - 4 Days).

- Weight limit (lbs): Here you can mention the minimum and maximum weight of the order that can be delivered via this method. If an order doesn’t meet the weight requirements, then this shipping method won’t be offered to the customer.

4. Next click on 'Create' on the upper right part of the page.

5. Once created, new tabs will be available next to the General tab, these are Shipping time and rates, Test rate calculation, Additional settings, Suppliers. First click on the Shipping time and rates tab and choose United Kingdom from the 'Type to Search' input text field as shown below.

6. Add your Shipping time (example: 2-3 days etc) then click on add condition.

7. If you want to create your shipping based on the order total value then use the Price condition section.

You can set the condition here for example, if you want to charge £2 for the order total between £0 to £10 then place £0 in form field and £10 in to field and put £2 in surcharge field.
-Same way if you want to add more conditions, you can add it in the row below (a new row will appear automatically once a previous condition is filled).

8. If you want to create your shipping based on Weight then use the Weight condition section and add your conditions based on weight.

9. If you want to create your shipping based on Quantity then use the Items condition section and add your conditions based on the no. of items.

10. Click 'save' on the upper right section.

11. In the 'Test rate calculation' tab you can test the shipping based on weight. Simply add the weight and country, state and click on re-calculate (this is optional just for testing purposes, you can ignore this if you are not using weight based shipping).

12. In the 'additional' tab you can do following settings

- Icon: Here you can upload  an image to represent the shipping method. Please bear in mind that some companies, such as Royal Mail etc require a license to use their logo and so you should check with the company beforehand.

- Use for free shipping: Enable this option if you are offering free shipping on all or some products, where you have ticked free shipping whilst adding the product to the storefront for approval.

In the same way you can create various Shipping methods. For Example: Express Delivery, Same Day Delivery etc.