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Add More Fields to Products

To view your store to see your products and the changes made, click on the trolley icon in the top left of your Vendor Dashboard.

Type one of your products into the search bar located at the top of the screen. Once on your product page, you can amend the details and add variations etc from your Vendor Dashboard and view these changes by refreshing your open product page. To view your Store, click on your Store name on the product page.

Once the Product has been saved, you will need to add more things, like Product Options, Variations, Shipping Details, Quantity Discounts, Features etc. To do this, click on the Product Name which you have recently added under Product > Product from the top menu as shown in the image below.

Adding Product Options

Product Options are those in which you can mention Product Attributes like Colour, Size etc. Once your Product page is open click on the Option tab.  

Here we add Options in Two ways:

1. Link an existing option - This is also know as global attributes, this option can be used when you have multiple products with the same fields. (Example: If you are selling multiple T-shirts and all have same fields like Size, Colour etc).

2. Note: If you change any value in this field then it will change that value across all of the Product fields. So use this only when you have same field across multiple Products.

3. (+) Add Option - In this you can add options to each products separately as per your needs.

Fill in details for your New Option:

- Name: Here you give a unique name for your option such as Colour, Size,etc.
- Position: This will be a numeric value such as 1,2,3 etc. It can be used to display the location of that option if you have multiple options.
- Inventory: If you select this then it will deduct the Product Quantity with each sale.
- Type: Here you can select various types as to how your options should appear on the product page, such as Radio Group (Radio Button), Checklist, Text, File etc.
- Description: Here you can write a short description about the Option.
- Comment: Here you can write a one line comment and this will appear below your Option on the Product Detail page.
- Required: Select this checkbox to enable your Option.

  1. Next we can add different Variations to this Option. Click on Variant Tab and you will see the screen below.

    Here you can add as many Variants for that particular Option as you want. For Example if we have a Colour Option, we will add different colours to this option by writing the Colour Name and Price (if you want to increase the amount for that particular colour, then this will be added in the main product price for Customers to select for that particular colour).

    By clicking on View more you can add an image to this variant. Click on Plus icon (+) to add another variant and repeat the same process until you have added all variants.

  2. Click on the Create Button, and then Click on Save Button on the top Right to save the Product or you can continue with other Fields and then save them all together at once.

Shipping Properties

Here you can add your Shipping details for your Products :

  • Weight: Enter your Product Weight if you will be pricing according to a weight.
  • Free Shipping : Select this if you want to provide Free Shipping on that Product.
  • Shipping freight (£) : In this field you can enter the Shipping price if you want to charge for the Shipment.
  • Items in a box: Here you have an option to enter the amount of items your box contains, you can mention the box width, length, and height.

Quantity Discounts

Here you can add Discounts to your Products based on Quantity. The discount will be applied in the cart automatically if a Customer chooses the mentioned number of quantity in which you have created.

  • Quantity : In this field mention the Quantity which you want to give the discount for (Example: 3,5).
  • Value : Here you have to mention the Price Per Item which you will offer for the discount.
  • Type: There are 2 Fields here Absolute and Percent. If you want to give a discount based on a Fixed Price then choose Absolute and if you want to give a discount based on Percentage then choose Percent.

Click on Plus Sign (+) If you want to add more Discounts on other Quantities.

Example: Suppose you are selling a Product with a Price of £10 and you want to provide a Discount of £1 Per Item/Quantity when the Customer buy's 3 or more Quantity. You would enter the number in Quantity Field, £9 in Value Field and Type would be selected as Absolute. Now, the Customer will Pay only £27 if they wanted to purchase 3 Quantity of that particular Product instead of £30.

A similar way if you want to provide a Discount based on Percentage then simply put your desired Percentage value (like 5,10,15 etc.) in the Value field and choose Percentage in the Type Field. Now when a Customer wants to buy 3 or more Quantity of that particular product, automatically your desired value of the Percentage will apply in the cart as a Discount.