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Eco-friendly Starter Gift Set

What's in my Eco Box

2 Premium Bamboo Toothbrushes
Plastic Free Sponge 
Reusable Kitchen Wipe
Household Soap Bar 
2 Large Beeswax Wraps
Box of Bamboo Cotton Buds 

Scrubbie/Plastic free sponge

These handmade compostable cleaning pads are made from left over fabric from the facemasks! They are a fantastic alternative to the plastic-based cleaning pads, sponges and scourers normally found in shoos. They will tackle all your usual cleaning jobs thoroughly and gently - pots, pans, sinks, ovens, ceramic cooktops and glass.
100% Cotton - fabrics will be random 
Bamboo Lining (naturally antibacterial - no smell) 
Hessian backed for excellent scrubbiness 

100% Organic Cotton Thread (very important - cheap polyester thread doesn't biodegrade!) 
Size: approx 14cm x 11cm
Care: You can throw these in the wash as often as you need to, up to 40°C. Once they are all scrubbed out, simply chop them up and compost. They will naturally biodegrade.

These are also great for using in the shower/bath (just remember to put them in the washing machine regularly).

Dishwashing Soap

MADE WITH LOVE IN THE UK: this vegan dish soap is made right here in the UK to the highest planet-saving standards, formulated to cut through dirt and grime while being soft on your hands and the planet too

DESIGNED FOR HARD UK WATER: Our dish soap is tested and made harder water found in the UK, flawlessly and ethically cleaning dishes, pots and pans, glasses and even surfaces in your kitchen and bathroom. It has a very gentle bergamot scent. 

LASTS WAY LONGER: This dish soap bar lasts for MONTHS! You won’t be constantly buying washing up liquid in plastic bottles and this bio hand soap can be used ALL around the home too

NO TOXIC CHEMICALS: The usual washing up liquid is made of toxic chemicals and artificial fragrances - we only use 100% natural ingredients.

ZERO PLASTICS: When you use zero waste soaps, you can wave goodbye to plastic washing up liquid bottles. Our dish washing soap is totally  plastic-free.

Commonly used in aromatherapy to elevate mood and alleviate stress, bergamot oil is said to have properties similar to grapefruit essential oil in that it is antiseptic, antispasmodic, and analgesic (pain-relieving). Some practitioners will add bergamot oil to water for use as a health tonic.

Reusable Wipes

These towels are great for cleaning up everyday messes adding that Eco-friendly, Zero Waste option to your home. Stop buying and tossing away paper towels. Go Tree Free, Reuse & Save your money, the washable and reusable option for your kitchen.  Cotton on one side and ultra-absorbant towelling on the other.  10cmx10cm x

Beeswax Wraps 
2 x Large 30cmx30cm

100% Natural Reusable Beeswax Food and Sandwich Wraps 

Set of 2 large food wraps with randomly selected gorgeous  patterns.  Can be cut to any size.  Can be used as sandwich bags and snack pouches.  If you'd like a specific fabric please drop me a note. 

A natural alternative to plastic wrap. Beeswax wrap is washable, reusable and biodegradable. The natural anti-bacteria properties of beeswax will help keep foods fresh.

Handmade in U.K. with eco-conscious ingredients: beeswax, cotton fabric.  

So how do they work? Use the warmth of your hands to soften the wrap, and manipulate it around the dish or food you are wanting to cover. As it cools, it will fix itself to the item. You can also “refresh” your wrap if it loses it’s stickiness or starts to crack by placing it on a baking tray in an electric oven (no gas flames!) on a very low heat for 5 minutes.

To clean your wrap, use cold water and some soap or washing up liquid to gently wash away any debris or grease, then hang it up to dry. This could be on the washing line, draining rack, or a hook or rail, as long as it can air out.

When your wrap is at the end of it’s time or you no longer have a need for it, you can cut it into strips and place it on the compost heap, or even use them as fire starters.

Care instructions:
-Do not expose to hot temperatures.
-Not suitable for microwave.
-Do not use on raw meat or fish. 

Bamboo Cotton Buds box of 200

BPA Free:
Gluten Free:
Palm Oil Free:
Paraben Free:
Slow Fashion:
SLS Free:
UK Made:

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At PotterandHare we believe eco can also be beautiful. Handmade unsponges, unpaper Kitchen towels, eco starter boxes, bee...
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Potter and Hare Eco Living

At PotterandHare we believe eco can also be beautiful. Handmade unsponges, unpaper Kitchen towels, eco starter boxes, beeswax wraps, reusable silk gift wrap made from saris and much, much more... 

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