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How To Make Your Valentine's Day Eco-Friendly

It’s the month of love! Whether that be new love, old love or self-love, St Valentine is here to bring us joy on his feast day of February 14th. Although not a great deal is known about the man himself, text informs us that his faith was often put to the test. In a whirlwind of a year and beginning another in an unusual fashion, most of us feel we’ve been at least put to the test, if not reaching limits we didn’t know we had. So let’s do something wonderful for those that we love and for ourselves!

“Over 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate are sold each year.”
(Bloch, Green Living Tips)

We must first acknowledge the beauty of this statement. There are 36 million people receiving a heart-shaped box of chocolates from someone that cares about them. Is there anything warmer than knowing this is the minimum amount of people in love in the world?

We’d like this statement even more if we were sure that all of these were cardboard boxes that had no plastic linings and were responsibly recycled once they were empty! Are we asking too much? 

But, we can have an eco-friendly Valentine's day and we can share it with as many people as possible!

1. The Valentine's Day Card

Remember in school when one afternoon in February was spent creating valentine cards from shades of pink and red? There was always glitter everywhere, but your mother was always gracious of the sentiment - even if it was all over her floor. 

Why not head back to this idea? Grab some paper, newspaper, whatever’s in the recycling bin and get crafting. There are always multiple shades of red in magazines around this time. You save some pennies, there are no environmental consequences of having one made or it getting to you and your recycling. But most importantly, your loved one will be most flattered that you spent the time making a card for them!

If you're not the creative type and would prefer a card already made, then why not opt for a plantable card or one made from recycled paper and eco-friendly inks. See our selection here https://wastelessmarket.com/va...

2. The Valentine Gift

Traditionally its a red rose event. St Valentine is most likely to be depicted with these flowers and white doves, but maybe this year we mix it up a little bit. We could gift our loved one’s items that are going to last them a little while but are going to make them feel
pampered, relaxed and take the weight off their shoulders. Luxury personal care items are on the top list and this is supporting small businesses whilst reducing your carbon footprint. Talk about spreading the love! Check out some ideas here! https://wastelessmarket.com/va...

3. The Sweet Toothed Valentine

If your valentine is truly after those indulgent chocolates to hit that sweet craving you could try something different here too. For a happy planet and a healthy significant other, check out Fetcha-Chocolates or Rainbow Sweets and Treats! We can always do something to remain conscious of the environmental impact we have but we can rest easy knowing there are great alternatives out there for whatever the season or event.

Help spread the love or enjoy a mini pamper for yourself - you deserve it!