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5 Ways to have a Zero-Waste Easter!

5 Ways to have a Zero-Waste Easter!

With the weather changing and brighter days making us want to spend more time outdoors, we’ve put together our top 5 ideas for using less plastic during the Easter holiday, check them out below:

1. Zero Packaging

The biggest problem that Easter celebrations bring is their plastic waste. The tasty eggs are cast in single-use plastic cases which are no use once the contents have been consumed. Although some believe that making these eggs solid chocolate rather than being hollow is the solution to this, the manufacturer’s profit margins and our waistlines disagree! What we can do is purchase treats with zero packaging or recyclable and home compostable packaging (check out these sweeties! https://wastelessmarket.com/pl...) and then package them ourselves in little bundles with friendly options. This could include the traditional paper bag, colourful scrap fabric wraps or repurposing small jars and tins. Your Easter egg hunt could be the brightest on the street or the most challenging, the creative possibilities are endless!

2. Ditch the plastic basket

As with many holidays, large businesses use them to make greater profits by advertising items that we don’t actually need. The plastic basket for collecting eggs in is definitely attractive with its ergonomic handle for little hands and fake grass to cushion the goodies, but it’s really unneeded. Part of the fun of Easter is getting creative and all ages can join in making their own collection baskets with nothing more than what’s in the recycling bin.

3. Go local

If the mood for decorating is in the air and you’re looking to get some patterns, shapes and characters made from real eggs, check out your local farm. Supporting local businesses promotes a better and healthy world, whilst the walk in spring air with the family will bring many other positive and mood-boosting benefits.

4. Sugar alternatives

For those looking for something with a lower sugar content for their hunt, there are plenty of games to find a final prize (whether that be chocolate or sweet is up to you!) Instead of hiding edible things, you could hide letters or words. Once they’ve found as many as they can, to win their final prize, they must make a word or construct a sentence. An alternative to a sweet prize for this game could be a new or pre-loved book - you could also use this style of hunt to hide names of ingredients to then spend the time after baking a healthy alternative!

5. The gifted plastic eggs

Maybe a loving grandparent, friend or co-worker has been kind enough to send your family an Easter treat that might not be so in line with zero-waste - don’t panic! These egg shapes can be reused with a couple of holes in to plant seeds or even repurposed to carry some of your home baking. Another way to involve and encourage your family to reduce and reuse plastic!

We hope these ideas inspire you to find new and alternative ways to help reduce plastic over the holiday without having to compromise on the fun with your family!


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