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Wasteless Market & The Outdoor Guide Partnership

As a new year begins and we look forward to a more positive and open year, we’re so pleased to announce that we’re now partnered with the Julia Bradbury team at The Outdoor Guide!

Who are The Outdoor Guide?

The Outdoor Guide was founded by Julia and her sister, Gina. As two women passionate about the outdoors and looking to provide an outlet to fill the need for information on experiencing what the UK has to offer, TOG was born. As Julia was able to reach many people across the UK on the TV sharing beautiful locations, more and more interest grew to have access to the routes; whilst Julia was doing her thing, the team behind TOG grew with a wealth of knowledgeable people to give greater access of these spaces to everyone.

What do they do?

TOG is primarily a place for sharing amazing finds of natural beauty within the UK. For the beginners who are looking to give their family other fun opportunities that don’t revolve around screens to the most experienced hikers. TOG is partnered with many organisations and charities that promote a healthy and active outdoor lifestyle. From detailed trails, places to stay, restaurants to try and product recommendations, TOG enables users to plan day trips or vacations with reliable reviews to ensure unforgettable adventures for all the family.

‘The Outdoor Guide believes passionately in the value of enjoying a healthy life outdoors and aims to support those without the ability or opportunity to access and share the benefit of our great outdoors.’

Why are we so excited about the partnership?

As a platform passionate about looking after the environment and every purchase funding climate change solutions, we’re greatly aligned with TOG. We care not only about the environment but also how our impact can have a positive effect on our mindset too. Getting outdoors with a commitment to green lifestyles, we can bring more sustainable options to people across the UK. If we all care about these beautiful spaces, we can all be a part of maintaining them for future generations.

‘Recycling is a tiny tiny tiny way to reduce plastic pollution & you can only recycle plastic a limited number of times. We need to turn down the plastic tap
(Twitter, Julia Bradbury)

Julia has made commitments to reduce plastic waste and spread the word. By making simple swaps to things like solid shampoos, reusable coffee cups and plastic-free toothbrushes, Julia uses her social media and other platforms to show how easy it is to make a positive difference. As a sustainability advocate, we can’t think of anyone better to be partnered with than TOG who share our values!

How are you involved?

TOG is an ever-growing platform for people who like the odd walk to those who actively hike. As more organisations, charities and businesses join to make this platform the place to be for knowledge on walking, sustainability and conservation, a community of like-minded people increases. The online community of people who are conscious of the environmental consequences we make as consumers and those who have a great passion for outdoors combines to make a difference, and you can be part of it.

‘The Outdoor Guide upholds its core values of sustainability and conservation of the outdoor world that we love so much and encourage people to go and make the most of.’

We can’t think of a better way to start the year than with such a positive partnership. As we continue to build a place for amazing vendors and crafters to share their eco-friendly and sustainable products, we want to continue building great relationships with other organisations who share the same values. We’re all about gaining the knowledge and resources to help us and others make the world a healthy place to be.

Check out our TOG page here: https://theoutdoorguide.co.uk/... 

and our Eco-Friendly Outdoor section here: https://wastelessmarket.com/ho...